Preventing Plumbing Emergency

Nothing can actually ruin your day as thoroughly as a plumbing emergency that needs to be attended to. Burst pipes, overflowing drains, sudden leaks and even the smallest plumbing problem that can become a huge issue in just a matter of moments. You can actually practice a few simple steps every day to prevent some of the worst plumbing emergencies, and stay dry.

Treat your pipes well, and you’ll have to face far fewer plumbing emergencies over the course of your lifetime. If you put some basic principles into practice, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of having the day ruined by water.

Watch what you put in your sink drains. If you can name 10 things you’ve put down your sink drains, chances are very high that eight of those things were never meant to go in there. Lots of people pour stuff down the drain that has no business being in pipes, and that leads to nightmare drain clogs and leaks.

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Grease: It’s not meant for the drain. Don’t ever, ever pour the grease in your sink drain. Pour it into a ceramic or glass container and let it harden. Once it does, throw it away in a trash can.

Drain cleaners: Liquid drain cleaners are the bane of plumbers everywhere. Yes, drain cleaners will eat through clogs. However, they may also eat through your drain lines. Even after using a liquid drain cleaner only once, you can create multiple pinhole leaks in your drain that will add up to big dollars in lost water on your monthly bills.

Food waste: Even if you have a garbage disposal, most food waste isn’t meant to go down the drain. Cabbage, carrots, eggshells, peels, and a whole list of items as long as your arm shouldn’t go in the disposal. In fact, kitchen garbage disposals are designed for the stuff you scrape off your plate at the end of a meal — not for all the husks and stuff that’s left after you cook the meal.

Please be kind to your toilet. Just like the rest of the drains in your home, the toilet is sensitive. No matter how strong the flush or how new the toilet, the drain is designed for a specific purpose and shouldn’t be used for anything else. You should never flush food waste, trash, or paper down the toilet. In fact, the only thing you should ever put in your toilet (other than the obvious) is toilet paper. And remember not to use too much of that, either.

Emergencies at times are definitely going to happen, and of course they’re going to be a lot worse if you don’t know what to do as the occur. Call an expert right away especially when plumbing emergencies happen, and when they come over you will realise that it can be dealt with after all.


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