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Why Do You Kill? The Author wanted to avoid that the Green Zone in Baghdad, Potemkin (imitation) villages set up by the American military and speaking to "approved" Iraqis. He was able to meet with, and remain with, many Iraqis who told him the reason they joined the resistance.

In case a US ally has been invaded and occupied by the other nation under false premises, and the invaders were unwanted by the local population, do not they have the right to resist that occupation? Unquestionably, the solution is Yes; this kind of person would be hailed as a freedom fighter. Paul Lappen is a freelance book reviewer whose website, has over 800 reviews on all areas, with a focus on small press publications. ( Usefull links; nigeria visa processing time ) This is a great piece of journalism of the kind rarely seen in America these days. It reaches the degree of Wow.This book looks inside the Iraqi opposition and reveals how it is not only fighting the American occupiers, but also Al-Qaeda terrorists as well as the various private militias. Visa Kenya
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Someone could argue about the conduct of the war in Iraq, just how well or how poorly it had been implemented, and whether or not waterboarding is torture, etc...The central premise, that we are guided by noble desires, to help Iraqis like the fruits of democracy, cannot be questioned. visa turkey Supposedly, Arabs aren't ready for Western-style democracy. Opinion poll after opinion poll, such as those completed by US officials in Iraq, show that large majorities of Iraqis want US troops to depart, fully and instantly. A central principle of Islam would be to never kill innocent people. That's the gap between terrorists and resistance fighters. Every family has lost someone during the job, some detained and to not be heard from again.
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On the assertion that civil war will erupt if American troops depart; like that is so much worse than what is going on when this publication was composed (2007). https://e-oman.info/ If the American troops left, the Iraqi opposition could easily do away with Al-Qaeda on its own. Early in the occupation, American troops in Fallujah fired on a peaceful protest of Iraqis upset the troops had shot a local school, killing 15 and injuring 65. American General Geoffrey Miller has been quoted as stating that Iraqi prisoners should never be permitted to think that they're anything "over a dog." After a bomb blast in Baghdad, an imam asked for blood donations within the mosque's loudspeaker. https://eta-canada24.com/ The American response was to bomb the mosque, and take at the imam. The rationale given was that district supported the resistance.
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